Thursday, 6 August 2015

Are You Suffering from Urinary Disorders?

In men, enlarged prostate, retrograde ejaculation, erectile dysfunction is some of the common disorders, which are dealt by the famous and best urologist in Delhi.

Like men, women also suffer from common urological diseases including urinary incontinence, or inability to control urination, abnormal urination patterns, persistent urinary tract infection, interstitial cystitis or painful bladder syndrome.

Urinary stones are also a big problem in men and women. Normally, urine contains many dissolved chemical substances at a specific concentration. Increased concentration of these chemicals in urine crystallizes and forms stone in human body. The urinary stone can be of various sizes, it varies from that of a grain of sand to that of a golf ball. Commonly urinary stones are made up of Calcium oxalate monohydrate/ dihydrate, Uric Acid, Calcium Magnesium Phosphate and uncommonly Cystelne and Xanthene.

Urinary infections and disorders signs and symptoms:
  • A strong, persistent urge to urinate
  • A burning sensation when urinating
  • Passing frequent, small amounts of urine
  • Urine that appears cloudy
  • Urine that appears red, bright pink or cola-colored
  • Very bad smelling urine
  • Pelvic pain, in women
Finding a good urologist in Delhi

As you already have the information, there are plenty of qualified urologists in Delhi, but you have to take the time knowing whose best for you. It is best practice to search it online. If you are a female, you should look for a female doctor, as it will be easier for you to share internal issues. With good research, you will be able to find help for any of these disorders, but make sure you do your research well.

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