Monday, 3 July 2017

Urology is a medical field that deals with various conditions of the male reproductive system and urinary tract in both male and female. Healthcare professionals who specialize in detecting, analyzing, and diagnosing the urology conditions and disorders are known as a urologist.


The conditions that are treated by the best urologist in Delhi include the kidneys, the adrenal glands, the ureters (tube like pipe that connects the kidneys to the bladder), the bladder and urethra, epididymis, testes, vas deferens, prostate, penis, and seminal vesicles. The field of urology also involves the management of urinary tract infection and prostate enlargement conditions such as prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney stones, and stress incontinence. In certain conditions, the urologist may need to address the problem in aggregation with radiotherapists or oncologists. They may also need to work together with the nephrologists who deal the conditions of kidney diseases, endocrinologists who treat the conditions of hormone disorders and endocrine system, and gynecologist who manages the conditions related to the female reproductive system.
When to consult the best urologist in Delhi?
There can be various conditions that can demand consulting the urologist. Here are some signs, symptoms, or conditions that demands consulting the urologist.
Male Infertility – Male infertility can affect the entire quality of life as the male partner cannot fertilize the egg of female partner. A small percentage of male infertility causing factors occur due to testicular cancer. It is often possible that the primary care doctor fails to identify the actual cause; therefore, it is always better to visit a urologist for a complete health examination.
Blood in the urine – The condition of the blood in the urine is medically known as Hematuria. Usually, this is an alarming sign that the candidate might have a bladder or kidney cancer. An experienced medical practitioner may recommend some basic tests such as an X-ray, urine test, and cystoscopy.
Abnormal prostate conditions – Consulting the best Urologist in Delhi can detect the abnormalities of the prostate such as small nodules, firmness, and irregularities.

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