Friday, 24 April 2015

Eliminate Painful kidney Stone Through Laser Treatment

Kidney stones are crystalline concretions that form in the kidney. They can reason obstruction inside the kidney or may obtain stuck in the ureter. They can range in size from as little as a grain of sand to as large as a lemon.

Kidney Stone Laser Treatment  

Kidney Stone Surgery is typically needed if the stone is too big to go on its own, if there are signs that the stone is growing, or if the stone is blocking the urine stream and having urinary tract infection or kidney impairment.

There is a Kidney Stone Centre in Delhi, which offers most advanced technique in urology including Kidney Stone Laser Treatment in Delhi.

Laser is a short form for "light intensification by inspiring emission of radiation". It creates a highly concentrated ray of illumination of a given wavelength. The commonest laser used for stone is pulsed holmium YAG laser, giving off radiation at 2100nm, and is invisible to the human eye.

The stone is in the kidney, a flexible ureteroscope can be utilized to access the stone. This procedure is usually done under general or spinal anaesthesia.

Laser Treatment for kidney stone is one of the most reliable and most effective methods of breaking up all stones in spite of composition. The laser energy is channelled through a supple fiber, which can extend to all sections of the urinary tract. Since the laser fiber is thin (273µ to 550µ), it can be passed through small caliber endoscopes and hence can also be used in children. It is therefore also very useful in instances where stones are spread away in different regions of the kidneys. It is too useful when migration of the stone during fragmentation is a hazard. In laser lithotripsy, this risk is negligible.

Kidney Stone Laser Treatment is the best technique for the Kidney Stone. It has been proven to have more valuable lasting results which will mean avoiding the need for further surgical process in the future.

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