Thursday, 7 May 2015

Finding The Best Urologist in Delhi For Urinary Disorders

Urologist and nephrologist take care kidney and its various disorders. A nephrologist specializes in diagnose and treatment of kidney and urinary system. He treats inflammation in the kidneys, chronic kidney diseases, or cancer etc. Whereas the urologist provides services in diagnose and treatment of urinary system of man and woman.  A patient may have a bladder or prostate cancer, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and other genitourinary disorders. 

Dr. Anil Agarwal is one of the best urologists in Delhi, offering low cost services for urinary diseases, disorders and infections.

He offers the following treatment for their patient:-

·        Female urinary health problems, including management of urinary tract infection and incontinence.    
·        Men’s health problems including infertility, erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems.    
·        Management of both benign and malignant prostatic disease.    
·        Management of general urological problems such as haematuria, urine infections, kidney problems, foreskin problems, and testicular and scrotal problems.

There are a variety of advanced urologic treatments available today such as laparoscopy, ultrasound, robotics treatment, biopsy, urodynamics, CT scan etc. However, there are many qualified urologists in the Delhi, but you have to take the time to make sure, whose best for you. You have to make a decision, that which urologist is best for you. For example, if you're a woman, would you be comfortable with a male doctor? If you are a man having problems getting an erection, would you be at ease with a female doctor etc.  

In conclusion, we can say that urinary stones can be easily eliminated in men and women both. For these kind of problems, a best urologist in Delhi can serve you better. He can also help you, having difficulties in urinating or you are feeling some pains related to your urinary tract or system. Also, if you are experiencing inability to urinate, it could be because of stones or calcium deposits.

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